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DEME 07 [MDE07] 2007

MDE07. El rincon de la critica. Universidad de Antioquia. Medellin. Col   

The context of this action was a project by the collective Casa Tomada from Cali, Colombia. The Critic’s Corner was proposed as a platform for discussion on art. It was conceived as a portable TV set in which two members of the collective played the role of tv presenters, interviewing and arguing with various guest artists. It was also a sort of unconventional exhibition space where different pieces by the guest artist were on public display.  

DEME07 (Action)

As one of the curators of MDE07 Encuentro Internacional Medellin 2007. Wrote in the event catalog “Although Medellin prides itself on being a hospitable city, it has apparently not always been so welcoming. And so, with this in mind, the tension between hospitality and hostility became the leitmotif of MDE07. As a naïve visual art student at that time in Medellin, and looking at the vast number of international artists arriving at Medellin for the MDE07 event. I felt alienated by the event for the lack of inclusion with the local community of artists. As a result, I created, with the help of other artists, a parasite event call DEME07. The name is a mockery of the MDE07 slogan where it was transformed to DEME that in Spanish means give me. I printed 100x70 Cm posters and some bumper stickers promoting our own event. The result was a guerilla type of exhibition in front of one of the main exhibition spaces of the MDE07 event. The other intervention was during an invitation to do an action in one of the institutional performances sponsored by the MDE07 called El Rincon de la Crítica: The critic's Corner. In this action, we made the argument that “we did not to be invited to the party to dance with the smarter girl”   

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